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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

May 1, 2017

Charles Chen is the Host of Kitchen Hustle, TV Chef & Wellness Entrepreneur Creator of Dinner Club. At one point in his life Charles struggled with his health and weighed 260 pounds. Charles was pre-diabetic, lethargic, and had no motivation. Since then Charles has lost over 100 pounds, reclaimed his health through adopting a whole foods lifestyle and now passionate about helping others live their best life!

In episode 12 of What Got You There we sit down with Charles Chen who talks about his difficult journey of losing over 100 pounds and taking a new approach on life. Charles talks about how someone going through a tough time in there life can change things around. We talk about healthy recipes and lifestyle hacks to live a more fulfilled life!





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Intro/Outro music by Justin Great-

Producer- Brian Lapres