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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Feb 28, 2021

Rich Diviney is a retired Navy SEAL commander. In a career spanning more than twenty years, he completed more than thirteen overseas deployments—eleven of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. 

As the officer in charge of training for a specialized command, Diviney spearheaded the creation of a directorate that fused...

Feb 21, 2021

Howard Marks is co-chairman and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, a leading investment firm with more than $140 billion in assets under management. 

Howard is a legendary value investor and has shaped Sean’s thinking on investing and life through his books and Memo’s that Warren Buffett has said, “When I...

Feb 14, 2021

This episode is all about learning how to perform under pressure because let’s face it, no one has an exemption from pressure. 

One of the leading authorities on performing under pressure Dr. Ceri Evan’s is a forensic psychiatrist, former professional futbol player and Rhodes Scholar, and has a private practice...

Feb 7, 2021

Colin Bryar joined Amazon in 1998  and spent the next 12 years as part of Amazon's senior leadership team as Amazon grew from a US domestic seller of books to a global, multi-dimensional powerhouse and innovator. 

Colin served as a Vice President at Amazon, and for two of his years was "Chief of Staff" to Jeff Bezos,...