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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Nov 19, 2017

JC is a partner at Kenning Associates, a top consulting firm specializing in Leadership Development, Organizational Culture and Building Resiliency in professionals.

JC served as an Infantry Officer for 20 years, primarily serving in Ranger and Special Operations/Missions Units. He has multiple deployments in support of operations worldwide, with 11 Combat Tours. as a result, he was Selected to direct the Army’s schools on Leadership Development, Resiliency and Fitness. He has led organizations as large as 1,500 Soldiers, and advised Fortune 500 Companies with over 200,000 employees and over $62 billion in revenue, as well as professional sports teams and athletes.

He holds a Masters Degree from the Naval War College and was a Senior Fellow in the Service Chief’s Fellowship at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( or DARPA).

He has earned three Bronze Stars, a Joint Commendation Medal and the Order of Saint Maurice, and selected as a Liberty Fellow, class of 2016, a part of The Aspen Institute and the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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