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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Jan 14, 2018

As a poor kid in Brooklyn, Brandon Steiner lived for the summer days when he could scrounge together enough change to make the subway trip to Yankee Stadium, buy the cheapest ticket available, and bask in the aura of his favorite baseball team for a few hours. Little could Brandon have known then that one day his name would be linked with the team in an exclusive memorabilia partnership and he’d own that very stadium.

Throughout Brandon’s extensive career, he continually reinvented himself as he capitalized on his two sharpest skills: managing people and providing services.

 In 1987, Brandon established Steiner Associates (later renamed Steiner Sports) with only $4,000, a one-room office, and an intern. By the late 90s, Steiner Sports had dozens of employees and represented most of the big-name athletes in New York. Today, Steiner Sports generates $40 million in annual revenue, and employs 100 people. In this episode Brandon talks about defining your why. The life lessons his mom taught him that forever changed him and why surrounding yourself with the right people is some important. Get ready to be  blown away by this interview!

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