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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Apr 3, 2017

On Episode 5 of What Got You There we learn to train our brain for peak performance! We are joined by the ultimate biohacker Dave Asprey. Dave is the creator of Bullet Proof Coffee and host of Bullet Proof Radio Podcast. Dave has spent over two decades and $300K to hack his mind and body. Dave is the New York Times best selling author of the Bullet Proof Diet and has a new book coming out April 4th called “Head Strong”,The Bulletproof plan to activate untapped brain energy to work smarter and thank faster in just two weeks.

In this episode Dave talks about how he went from morbidly obese to one of the top fitness and nutrition influencers on the planet. Dave reveals what some of the most common mistakes he’s seeing with the average persons diet and how they can make changes for a healthier life. We discuss the vital role of mitochondria and how to make sure we’re keeping them strong! We dive deep on many more topics and this episode is a must listen.



Bulltet Proof-



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Producer- Brian Lapres