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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Jun 24, 2018

Dr Jannell MacAulay is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force. She works as the Director of Human Performance and Leadership for the 58th Special Operations Wing, running a pilot program to create high-performing, mindful, and mission-focused warfighters and families. She previously commanded the 400-member joint 305th Operations Support Squadron.

Under her command, the 305th OSS was awarded the top Airfield Operations Complex of the Year for 2016 at the Air Force level, as well as the Air Mobility Command Operations Support Squadron of the Year for 2016.  Dr MacAulay is a wellness educator, yoga instructor, mindfulness researcher, and holds a certificate in plant based nutrition. She specializes in improving the performance of the members of high-stress organizations through a focus on nutrition, physical and mental fitness, human connection, and values discovery.


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