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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Jul 8, 2018

Ricky Lundell is a Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu Jitsu 3rd degree black belt under Pedro Sauer and considered by many to be his most technical black belt. Ricky started jiu-jitsu at age six and is credited with being the youngest North American to receive the rank of black belt in Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 19. Ricky Lundell won the World Team Trials and took home Most Outstanding Grappler award in 2007 and 2008. He represented the USA for Grappling 2x and is a 2x FILA World Championship in Submission Grappling under FILA (International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles).He has coached UFC great fighters such as Jon Jones, Travis Browne, Frank Mirk, Dan Hardy and more. He lives life with his 1% better everyday mentality. This episode will  get you off your butt and pushing your limits!


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Intro/Outro music by Justin Great-

Audio Engineer- Brian Lapres