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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Jul 29, 2018

David Ramey is the owner of Ramey Vineyards which he started with his wife Carla in 1996. He has one of California’s most impressive winemaker resumés and shares many of his experiences on this episode. Fresh out of UC Davis, and with an internship at Jean-Pierre Moueix’s, Château Pétrus under his belt, David started his winemaking career in 1980 as assistant to Zelma Long at Simi Winery.  He subsequently became chief winemaker at Matanzas Creek and then Chalk Hill before taking on the task of winemaking and building the new winery at Dominus. He later helped rebuild and replant what had been the Girard Winery into Rudd Estate. David is a legend in the winemaking industry and shares his entrepreneurial journey!


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Intro/Outro music by Justin Great-

Audio Engineer- Brian Lapres