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What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Jun 29, 2017

Today on What Got You There we are joined by Greg the BEAST Gurenlian! Greg is a professional lacrosse player with Major League Lacrosse and Co Owner of The Face-off Academy which is the worlds premiere face-off training company. 2017 will be the final season in Major League Lacrosse for Greg where he has garnered such accolades as 2015 League MVP, Face-off man of the year, World Champion and most Face-off wins in a season. In this episode Greg talks about how he built community in his former company Brawlic Strength and how he uses those same principals in the Face-off Academy. Gurenlian discusses staying ahead of trends and how he has built a massive cult following on social media.  In addition to talking entrepreneurship and becoming the best in the world at your sport Greg discusses what it’s like being a new father and how that has changed him. After this episode you will definitely see things in a different light!

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